Insurance claims, no matter what type, are typically associated with uncertainty. Bringing clarity to the process, Epps Forensic Consulting provides objective, credible and timely solutions that are often essential to the decisions made by all parties involved. Though we are most often engaged by insurance carriers and their adjusters to measure potential losses, we work with their clients, the business owners, to first understand the business involved. In doing so, facts and information are gathered and a rapport is established with business owners that facilitates amicable claim resolution.

Next our financial experts focus on understanding the covered cause of loss and its effects on the business; a step that is crucial to measuring a potential financial loss and providing recommendations for the business owner and insurance carrier to consider on ways to mitigate damages. While coverage determinations are decisions made by the insurance company’s adjuster, our extensive experience with multiple insurance companies and insurance policies enables Epps Forensic Consulting to not only work effectively and efficiently measuring financial losses but to also provide claims professionals with the information needed to make coverage decisions.

Although our home base is in Scottsdale, Arizona, Epps Forensic Consulting provides insurance claims consultation services across the entire country.

Our most common financial forensic insurance claim services meet the following needs:

Business Interruption/Time Element

The event(s) that trigger a business interruption are often of a chaotic nature to the business owner. Measurement of resulting business income loss commonly presents greater challenges than verification of other types of claims. Epps Forensic Consulting experts leverage their financial acumen to breakdown related complexities and deliver timely and credible information.

Extra Expense

When business operations cannot continue as normal, owners look to minimize resulting financial losses. Insurance carriers aim to assist. With extensive experience measuring extra expense claims, the professionals at Epps Forensic Consulting are uniquely qualified to provide not only contingency plan recommendations, but also related financial measurements that facilitate evaluation and coverage decisions regarding such claims.

Stolen Business Personal Property

The means by which assets are misappropriated, whether by a third party (theft) or somebody entrusted with a fiduciary responsibility (embezzlement) can be as diverse as they are creative. Combine this with limitations that can stem from record availability constraints and it can quickly complicate finding answers to questions such as:

  • What was stolen
  • How was it stolen
  • When it was stolen
  • Who stole it
  • What was it worth

The financial forensic experts at Epps Forensic Consulting specialize in gathering the documentation and information necessary to answer these and other questions to provide insurance carriers the answers needed for timely and accurate claim resolution.

Financial Condition/Motive

Special investigations of insurance claims involve multiple components, one of which can be financial motive. The financial experts at Epps Forensic Consulting are highly experienced in financial condition analysis. With an eye towards the principle that “Cash is King,” our team provides answers to four primary questions that provide a roadmap for a determination of the financial condition of the person and/or the business.

Personal Injury Damages/Lost Earnings

Lost earnings claims can take many forms. It is for this reason that measuring related economic damages, whether it is lost wages, lost business income, or diminished earnings capacity, requires more than a “one size fits all”-type approach. Our experts critically evaluate fact patterns of each case, reaching the most supportable conclusion given the facts and records available. Moreover, our experienced experts are qualified to deliver expert witness testimony, maximizing value between claims and litigation support processes should the need arise.

Claimant/Subrogation Scenarios

Void of coverage parameters that apply to first party claims, calculating third party economic damages are often more flexible measurements. It is in this context the knowledge, skills, experience and training of Epps Forensic Consulting professionals matters most. For it is such expertise that culminates in custom-tailored clear, concise, credible solutions; results that facilitate accurate resolution of potentially contentious circumstances. When necessary, our professionals are prepared to provide expert testimony in support of their findings.

Appraiser/Umpire Services

The appraisal process included in First Party insurance coverage requires retention of Appraisers and an Umpire. The professionals at Epps Forensic Consulting are experienced in acting as both an Appraiser and Umpire. When acting as the Appraiser, our staff presents findings to the Umpire in an effective and convincing manner. As an Umpire, weight is given to all of the data presented by both sides to render an unbiased and objective decision.

Continuing Professional Education
Epps Forensic Consulting also provides both formal and informal Continuing Professional Education courses at no cost to adjusters and insurance carriers. Contact Michael Haugen if you have an interest in our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses.